Key Dreamers -- Live Acoustic Rock Performance

Key Dreamers are on a quest for Key West. Join us this spring season as we travel along our musical journey.
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~2015~ ~~~~ ~~~~
~March~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Fri, Mar 6 8pm - 11pm The Overtime Grill (North Greece Rd. Hilton NY)
Sat, Mar 7 8pm - 11pm Private Party (Geneva, NY)
Sat, Mar 14 7pm - 9pm Rt 96 Lounge and Grill (Farmington NY)
Fri, Mar 20 8pm - 11pm Waterside Wine Bar (Phelps NY)
Sat, Mar 21 9pm - 12pm Eddie O'Briens (Farmington NY)
~April~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Fri, Apr 3 8pm - 10pm Fanatics Pub (Lima, NY)
Fri, Apr 17 6pm - 9pm Rylie J's (Geneva NY)
Fri, Apr 24 8pm - 11pm Waterside Wine Bar (Phelps NY)
Sat, Apr 25 6pm - 9pm Lake Street Filling Station Winery (Geneva NY)
~May~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Tues, May 5 7pm - ??pm Private Party (Canandaigua NY)
Fri, May 8 6pm - 9pm UpStairs Bistro at NYWCC (Canandaigua NY)
Sun, May 31 4pm - 8pm Sand Bar (Canandaigua NY)
~~~~~ The Summer Schedule is starting to fill up and we are excited!!! ~~~~~